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Create A/B Test for Webpages with Extensive Code Changes

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Sometimes, you want to test functionality/features that require a great extent of backend coding and that cannot be done using VWO Visual Editor. Examples include auto-detecting the credit card type, A/B testing inline form validation, image carousels versus static images, and so on. This article discusses how to create such advanced A/B test for web pages.

Follow these steps to create A/B test for pages with extensive code changes changes:

  1. Hard-code the functionality on the original website (Control).
  2. Next, sign in to your VWO dashboard and then click Create on the A/B test dashboard..
  3. On the Campaign URLs page, type the control URL, the page you want to design, and then click Next.
  4. On VWO Editor, click Settings against the variation and then click Edit Code.heavycodechanges
  5. In the Code Editor, you can enter the JavaScript or modify CSS for the changes.
  6. To define goals and complete the remaining steps of the test creation process, click Next.
  7. On completion, run the test to find out which heading variation gets you more conversions.

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