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Friday, March 14, 2014

VWO-ClickTale integration supports event segmentation in ClickTale for your website data. You can segment data recordings in ClickTale using the event segmentation feature ClickTale's dashboard.

Setting Visitor Events

  1. VWO-1 displays the campaignID running on the page. So, VWO-1 would mean campaign id 1 is running.
  2. Variation-Name is the variation shown to the visitor. 

    The event would look like: VWO-1: Variation-Name

  3. Note: The integration currently is only for the Recordings in ClickTale.

Follow these steps to enable ClickTale integration on your VWO dashboard:

Integrating ClickTale for a new campaign

For a new campaign, enable the ClickTale integration option on the Campaign Settings panel when you are setting up your campaign:

Integrating ClickTale at an account level

  1. To enable ClickTale integration across all campaigns in your account, select Settings from the menu options.
  2. Select the Campaign Settings tab.
  3. Navigate to the Integration section and enable ClickTale integration option and click Save as displayed in the following screenshot:

Integrating ClickTale for an existing campaign

  1. To enable ClickTale integration for an existing campaign, select Campaigns from the menu option.
  2. Select the specific campaign you want to integrate.
  3. On the campaign summary page, select Settings and click Others.
  4. Enable the ClickTale integration option and click Save as displayed in the following screenshot:
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