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No. If the welcome screen content is defined, it is displayed, otherwise the survey starts directly from the first question.

Yes, we have 10 pre-defined themes which you can use to create beautiful contemporary surveys.

Yes. Using the Preview Debugger feature, you can test the survey on your website and check if the appearance and the triggers work as configured. Once you are convinced, you can go ahead and start the survey campaign and VWO will start serving surveys on your campaign URL right away.

Yes, you can if there is tracking code installed on the page and the pattern matches the URL. It’s  recommended that you use a valid domain name (instead of just localhost or A valid domain name  can be

Yes. Using custom trigger, you can display a survey to a visitor if they convert for an existing goal in VWO. You can use the following code in the custom trigger to display survey if a goal is converted for an existing campaign in VWO. 

function() { window.VWO = window.VWO || []; VWO.push(['onGoalTrigger', CAMPAIGN_ID, GOAL_ID, function () { executeTrigger(); }]) }

Replace CAMPAIGN_ID   and  GOAL_ID   with your campaign id, goal id and variation id. Goal ids are available in report against each goal name. So goal G1 has a goal id of 1, goal G2 has an id of 2, and so on. Variations ids too, are available in the report against the variation names. So variation v1 has a variation id of v2 (Control has the variation id of 1), and so on.

Yes. VWO Surveys allows a user to trigger a survey if a visitor scrolls a certain amount on a page. A user can define the number of pixels or percentage of page height a visitor needs to scroll either from the top or bottom of the page to trigger a survey. Percentage of page height is useful for webpages with fixed height. For infinitely scrolling pages such as search results on an e-commerce webpage, actual pixels scrolled is a more reliable way.

No. VWO Surveys is served through the existing VWO tracking code. There is no additional tracking code to be added. If you already have VWO tracking code on your website, you can start creating and serving surveys right away.

Yes. If the domain you define is a secure HTTPS webpage, VWO Surveys will work there.

The survey preview shows any changes you make to the question immediately. The preview is how the real survey will look like and is completely interactive. So if you are editing the welcome screen, the survey preview will display the Welcome screen.

For the duration of the public beta, no visitor quota would be consumed on account of usage of On-Page Surveys. Once this feature is out of public beta, a new pricing will apply which may or may not be based on visitor quotas.

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