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Adding Test Learning from VWO Reports

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After you run a VWO test, you can now make a note of the ‘Learning’ from the test. Learning includes insights you derive from your test results, or even fresh ideas you may want to test. For example, if you feel that the result for mobile traffic was not the same as that for desktop traffic, you can add your learning to investigate.

Learning can act as a quick way to sum up what the test achieved and how it can be improved for your requirements. You can add your Learning only after completing a test and finding a result. To add Learning, the user must have Admin-level, Publish-level, or Design-level access permissions.

Add Learnings

  1. On the VWO dashboard, go to the test report where you want to add Learning.
  2. Under Reports, above the graph report, click Add Learnings.
  3. Add your learning, and then click Done. You can add up to 50 learning for a test. Each learning point can have a maximum of 1,000 characters in its description.
    Learnings from A/B test in VWO
  4. To remove a learning point, click the Delete icon. To add a learning point, click Add Another.

View Test Learning

Every learning point you add is automatically linked to the hypothesis being tested. In addition to the test reports, you can also view the learnings from the hypothesis pop-up. To view the added learning, select a hypothesis on the VWO dashboard menu and open the hypothesis. Add Test Learnings in VWO

The learning that you added appears as a snapshot under the Hypothesis statement for that test. Viewing the learning gives you a complete context of the hypothesis—how ideas evolved with tests—and helps plan upcoming tests better.

Filter Hypothesis With Learnings

You can also filter the Hypothesis list view to see the hypotheses with Learnings. Select With Learnings under Other Filters in the List view.

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