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Difference between A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A/B testing campaign

In an A/B test campaign, you create different variations of your webpages and split the traffic equally among all variations. You can change any element or section of your web page and run a test between its different versions. For example, you can run A/B/C campaign to test three different versions of the same page, or A/B/C/D campaign to test four versions.

Multivariate testing campaign

In a multivariate test campaign, you are not testing different versions of your web pages, but testing between different versions of elements inside a web page. The objective of a multivariate test is to help you figure out which element in a web page makes an impact on the conversion rate of the page. Multivariate test campaign is more complicated than A/B test campaign and is best suited for advanced marketing professionals. It helps you create different versions of elements inside a webpage, create all possible combinations of the modified elements, and offer multiple variations of a single page.

Please note that:

  • Running a Multivariate test is useful only when the website receives high traffic.
  • Multivariate test is suggested when you have a hypothesis with multiple ways to implement a variation but you are unable to decide which specific combination should be tested.

Click here to read a comprehensive list of differences between A/B testing and multivariate testing.

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