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Killer idea: play the split testing game with your boss and colleagues

Let’s admit it: your boss has certain opinions on the website design, the usability consultant has some “best-practices” suggestions and the sales team wants specific changes to increase leads. Heck, even your office receptionist thinks that you could add Facebook and Twitter buttons on the homepage. Needless to say, everyone in your office has an opinion on website design and if you are the one with Photoshop/HTML skills, it can drive you crazy fairly quickly. So, how to cope up with suggestion/feedback overload all the while trying to increase conversion rate on the website?

Play the Split Testing Game

Rules of the game are pretty simple. You declare a split testing tournament at the Friday office lunch to win a booty of say $100 (or any other motivating prize). Anyone in your office (or team) with an opinion on site design gets to create a variation for a split test. You then pit all variations against each other in a live split test and quite obviously the person who came up with winning variation wins the prize booty!

Why is this idea killer?

  • This game embraces the multi-dimensionality of the team because everyone (from sales team to your accountant) gets to contribute one variation. Split testing is always full of surprises so it is hard to guess what will work. So, what’s better than trying out different ideas from your colleagues.
  • You get a real chance to defeat your boss Your boss thinks he is smarter than you are? Challenge him/her in a split testing tournament and prove conclusively who deserves to be the real boss!
  • It’s fun and boosts team spirit. Nothing is more fun than tracking the leader-board of whose variation is converting the best.

This strategy brings out the best talent from across the team and helps you test diverse ideas at once. Since inputs for improving conversion rate and sales comes from different team members, this also helps you avoid designer’s block (of coming up with highly converting ideas and designs).

How to use Visual Website Optimizer for playing Split Testing Game

Visual Website Optimizer is the perfect tool for playing this game. Here’s why:

So, are you game for the split testing game?

Do you think this is a killer idea? Have you ever tried this strategy in your office? At Wingify, we keep playing this game (after all, we make split testing tool). You also try this and let us know your thoughts and opinions. We have heard that the split testing game works like wonder to increase conversion rate and sales.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. Oh, I was hoping this was a more underhand game: find out the IP address of your boss’s computer, and deliver one version of the website to him and a different one to the rest of the world. 🙂 Keep him happy AND have a website that works.

  2. It’ll also probably make some people keep their opinions to themselves when there’s cold hard cash being wagered against their “hunches” >:)

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