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How increased conversions by 25% by doing multiple A/B tests

We have a lot of A/B testing case studies on our website now. Most split testing case studies describe a single change and discuss the increase of conversion rate it caused. However, this post is a compilation 3 different A/B tests on a single website. This one is a great case study to see how some companies take multi-pronged approach to successfully optimize different steps of the funnel. These A/B tests were conducted by one of our customers who provide quality ABN registration (Australian Business Number).

Case Study #1: testing bullet points

The first split test that did was very simple. On their order page they describe three steps of the ordering process. For the variation, they simply added green ticks next to these steps. Here’s how original order page looked like:

Original order page

Here’s how variation looked like:

Variation (with green ticks)

Result: 2% increase in conversions

As you can see, the change was very trivial. Results were also trivial: a 2% increase in conversions (note that even though increase was small, it was statistically significant). However, this small increase did not deter In their own words, they resolved to achieve perfect conversion rate. Here’s what they said:

At a recent staff meeting we set a goal of a 100% conversion rate. We know we won’t achieve this but it provides a focus on ‘continual improvement’. In other words, we don’t set a goal for each test, we just look to improve each time

Case Study #2: testing headline

In the next split test, they tried changing their headline. Originally, they promised a response time of 24 hours. They tested a version which promised a response time of 4 hours. (Of course they weren’t bluffing as they had to change their internal systems to honor this guarantee). Here’s how original headline looked like:

Original headline (with 24 hour response guarantee)

Here’s how variation looked like:

Variation headline (with 4 hour response guarantee)

Result: 10% increase in conversion rate

This (apparently) simple change boosted their conversions by 10%. What’s amazing is that as a side effect of this 4 hour response guarantee, increased their overall quality of service.

Case Study #3: testing order process

On their order page, they tested a better looking order form. Here’s a screenshot:

Improved and better looking order form

Result: 25% increase in conversions

This phenomenal increase occured thanks to complete redesign of signup form. They increased conversion rate from 30.88% to 38.88% (an increase of 25%). You can see this another case study which shows how redesign of sales page increased sales by 20%.

Lessons learned

This case study teaches us that all aspects of conversion funnel can be optimized. From headline to text copy to order form, there is nothing on a website that cannot be tested. So it is important to always keep testing. For, split testing is ingrained in their culture. The biggest lesson they learned was (in their own words):

Don’t assume anything without testing it. Visual aids/images are just as important as text. Simple changes can make a difference.

When asked how useful was Visual Website Optimizer for their split testing, here is what they had to say:

VWO was incredibly valuable in helping us achieve this, both in terms of the ease of use of the system AND the idea for using the green ticks. I recommend that other business owners and managers take the time to read through VWO’s ideas and brainstorm the things that they might be able to try in a split test. Also, testing should never stop. We are already setting up our next test for the same page.

Needless to say, we are very happy for their success and hope they will continue split testing for many more months to come!

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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