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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Left v/s Right Sidebar – which layout works best?

Answer: none. Using Visual Website Optimizer on my blog, I tested the layout of sidebar to see if it has any effect on bounce rate. Particularly, I tested whether the sidebar in right (default on many blogs) works better than the sidebar on left. The answer for my case turned out to be that it […]

What web analytics should actually be

For any business, two pieces of information are most important to its survival. One, in order to make decisions, a business needs to know the ground reality of where it stands in the market now. Second, in order to plan forward and determine progress, it needs to know where it stood in the market in […]

List of new features in VWO

I am extremely happy to compile a list of new features in VWO: Advanced code mode for designers and developers Account management features for agencies and consultants Browse mode to create A/B tests behind the login walls of a website Create and run multiple tests on a same page Create site-wide split tests using wildcards in […]

A dead-simple trick to create site-wide A/B split tests

With Visual Website Optimizer, we like to keep things extremely simple. However, don’t mistake simplicity of VWO for less number of features. It is the job of a good UI designer to present a tool in layered fashion: core essential features being obvious to most users, while letting advanced users use plethora of other features […]

Architecture update: leaner, meaner and faster A/B tests

In our mission to be the best A/B testing platform on earth, we have recently updated Visual Website Optimizer architecture. This blog post updates what has changed and why. Prelude: phasing out of optional page tagging code In addition to tag-less testing which required no code changes, VWO had optional code for people who liked […]

Web designers and developers, we have changed A/B testing forever

Edit: The VWO Editor has undergone a complete makeover since this article was written. For updated usage of the features mentioned here please see the following articles in our knowledge base: Creating a basic Multivariate test Creating an advanced AB/Multivariate test Visual Editor Warning: if the words CSS, JavaScript or jQuery scare you, it’s best not […]

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