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Host Visual Website Optimizer (JavaScript files) on your server

We have released a new feature in Visual Website Optimizer which lets you host the JavaScript files on your own server. This was done because a lot of large corporations avoid including external JavaScript files from a third party. Even though our JavaScript is hosted on Amazon S3 and we have a fail-over strategy that guarantees zero downtime (even in case of our servers going down), some corporations feel much safer if they control the resources (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) used on their websites.

The latest feature allows you remove dependency on our server while the test is running. All the test settings, variation content and code needed to run the test will be stored on your server (as four separate JavaScript files). VWO server will only be used for logging hits and conversions (which is an asynchronous activity).

The flow for self-hosting is:

  1. You create a test using our interface
  2. Before starting the test, if you want to see live preview of your variations on website, you need to download the JavaScript files and upload on your servers and call them from your test pages.
  3. Then preview from VWO interface (the test information is still being served from your self hosted files)
  4. Now click on start test
  5. But test will not start automatically unless you download the JavaScript files again and upload to your servers
  6. Once you do that, your test will get started
  7. Every time you make a change, you will have to download the same files again and upload on your servers as essentially test is served from your servers

Hopefully, you like the freedom of hosting JavaScript files on your server! Let us know your comments and thoughts using the comment form below.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. Does this mean that the implementation of the ‘cookie storage functionality’ of the browser inside the VWO, will also be hosted on our servers if we chose to host VWO ourselves?


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