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2 Min Read

Forget about containers: editing static content on dynamic pages just got way easier

Ashwin Gupta
Growth At Wingify

Edit and Edit HTML are awesome ways to make changes to your website and create variations without breaking a sweat.

Edit HTML feature
Using Edit HTML in the VWO Visual Editor.

The feature works great all the time. Well, almost. Unless dynamic content is staring you in the face.

If you don’t know what dynamic content is, check out our Knowledge Base article here. But to give you a coffee table definition of it, on a web page, dynamic content is content that changes based on user interaction.

For instance, it can be ‘total pricing’ that changes dynamically based on the amount of products in the cart; or even a drop down menu in your Sign-up form.

Before, if there was dynamic content in the vicinity of static content (in HTML terms) in the same container, any changes to the static content would convert everything in that container, including the dynamic content, into static.

The user ended up seeing the same content, completely ignoring dynamic content present in that container.

It was critical to select the right container having static content.

But not anymore.

Edit HTML is now smarter

Editing containers using edit HTML
Now you can edit static content without worrying about breaking your dynamic content.

Our Edit and Edit HTML features just got way smarter. Now you can edit any static content on your webpage without worrying about containers.

Do you want to change the font size or color of ‘pricing’ on a product page? Or, the color of your shopping cart that changes itself every time a user adds a new item?

No worries, we have you covered! As long as you’re not changing the dynamic content (please don’t!), you can take a sigh of relief and continue editing static content on your page.

Just that now you can forget about containers, and focus more on creating variations and spiking your conversions.

By the way, you really do NOT want to edit dynamic content using Edit or Edit HTML. If you do, it’ll break your pages.

Check out our How-to guide to learn more about using Edit and Edit HTML.

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