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Which call-to-action button increased signups by 28% – ‘Watch a video’ or ‘Get Instant Access’?

UPDATE: The contest is over and here are the results.

Let’s play a little game. If I say that one of the Visual Website Optimizer customers increased opt-in signup rate by 28% simply by changing a single button, can you guess which one was it? To make things simple, I will even tell you it was one of these two: ‘Get Instant Access’ or ‘Watch a Video’.

$3000 Contest Details

Challenge: Guess which version was the actual winner in this A/B test.

Prize: Out of all the correct entries, one lucky person will win a full year of $249/month Visual Website Optimizer subscription!! Twelve months of our Large Agency plan is worth $3000 (our customer base includes some of the most well known enterprises in the world and hundreds of startups & small businesses).

How to enter?: Simply leave a comment on blog or tweet or post on Facebook about which variation you think increased signups by 28%. If you tweet, either use the tweet boxes below or make sure you cc @wingify so that we can track your entry.

When will be the winner chosen?: On January 6th 2011, along with the actual case study, we will announce the winner of this contest.

About this A/B test case study: the objective of the landing page was to convert visitors to email newsletter subscribers. The email newsletter is about dating tips and tricks. Upon signup, visitors also get access to a free video on dating. One version of the button promised them instant access to the video. Other version simply asked them to Watch the video. (See the screenshots below) You have to guess which one increased conversions by 28%.

Version A: Get Instant Access

Version B: Watch the Video

Remember, the prize for this contest is a full year of $249/mo Visual Website Optimizer subscription worth $3000! So, enter take part into contest now either by tweeting your choice above or leaving a comment below or posting it on Facebook. (Bonus: if you do all three, your entry will be counted thrice.)

Good luck! Hope you have a happy new year.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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  1. I would say the 1st because I have seen it across the internet.

    But then again I have to say what really increased signups, was it the design or the actual copy that increased signup ?

    I would like to see how the “winning” button goes up against a multi-variate test ?

  2. My vote was “B” as it’s more descriptive… though I like the “instant” of “A”.

    It would have helped a lot to see the context though to see how much each of them contrasted with the area around it, how relevant the text was to the rest of the page, etc. 🙂

    Jeremy Reeves

  3. My bet is B: “Watch the Video” based on my opinion that people are more prone to trust watching a video first “before” signing up! In other words, let me see more info – before I commit!

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