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[eCommerce Customer Segmentation] Bracketed Segmentation: Peeling Away The Layers

An eCommerce marketing leader’s outlook toward analyzing visitor behavior is akin to a chef working with an abundance of onions (a cohort of customers – “women shoppers”), and each onion an amalgamation of infinite layers (individual unique traits – “from Minnesota” & “using an iPhone”) comprising them. Whether the chef ends up leading operations at […]

[CRO Best Practices] Insights From eCommerce CRO Apex Predators:

(The following article derives source from Harvard Business Review’s case study about’s hallowed experimentation culture.) 1,000 concurrent experiments. Tests that can be deployed across 75 countries and 43 languages in under an hour. A/B tests that cover a span of 1.2 million hotels, homestays, and inns—if ever there was an organization that bleeds CRO […]

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