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List of Industry Standard Conversion Rates and Bounce Rates

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Lot of people inquire about what an ideal bounce rate or conversion rate is and if their website metrics are in the right range. One size doesn’t fit all. In this post, I fish out industry standard conversion rates and bounce rates. Though your only competition should be you, having an idea of  industry metrics might help some.

Conversion Rate Bounce Rate
Grand Average 5.50% 40.58%
Software/Product 7.00% 33%
Lead Generation 2-3% 47.38%
News/Media 55.50%
eCommerce 3-3.5% 34%
Branding Pages 43%

Sources for these figures:

  • Fireclick Index
  • Anil Batra’s survey of Typical Bounce Rates [PDF]
  • Coremetrics Monthly Industry Reports [PDF]

What is your bounce rate or conversion rate? Does it match with your industry average?

Paras Chopra
Paras Chopra Founder and Chairman of VWO
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