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[Infographic] 10 Easy Practices To Boost Travel Website Booking

Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma, a Content Marketer at VWO is an Art Lover & a Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of traveling the world someday, all by herself.

Is it easy to boost travel website booking?

Let’s face it—conversions do not come easy for travel websites.

On an average, more than 95% traffic on travel websites leave without purchasing anything, almost on a whim. Most of the time, the reasons behind it are lengthy marketing funnels, complex search parameters, complicated checkout processes, multiple forms, and massive personalization. All these factors make travel eCommerce as one of the trickiest online businesses.

If your website has also been seeing a similar trend, then you are not alone.

But you can always improve this figure by optimizing your funnel and analyzing user behaviour so that more visitors turn into customers. A thorough understanding of visitor pain points and interest areas will help you improve customer experience.

The following infographic provides some tips that you can implement on your website to make more visitors convert, that is, complete the transaction.

boost travel website booking

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