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How A Marketer's Dilemma Helped Build PushCrew – Podcast With MindFire

Megha Rajeev
PushCrew Alumna

Our friends over at MindFire came across push notifications from PushCrew in an episode of Perpetual Traffic featuring Lindsay Marder from DigitalMarketer. Meanwhile, MindFire runs their own podcast over at Pixels and Ink. They talk about everything pertaining to multi-channel marketing automation for sales and marketing teams across agencies, print services providers, and enterprise marketers.

When they came across the podcast from DigitalMarketer, Pixels and Ink was in the midst of their own series on ‘all things digital marketing’. They had experts coming and talking about IP targeting, Google AdWords, Lead Generation with Social Media, and so on. With Push Notifications catching up among marketers and businesses as an effective communication channel, the timing couldn’t have been better!

So what we have here is Sairam and Kalpak from PushCrew teaming up with Mackenzi and Dave from MindFire for a very lively and insightful chat on Web Push Notifications.  In this episode, Sairam talks about how Paras Chopra, our CEO, was thinking of new ways to bring more users back to his website – the classic Marketer’s Dilemma. And, how this thought led to penning the origin story of PushCrew.

You’ll also learn

– How you can increase return traffic to your website

– Why it’s not necessary anymore to build a mobile app if you do not have the resources

– Why it’s time to look beyond saturated channels of communication like email

– How you can cut through the clutter, regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C

– The users’ perspective on push notifications

– Use cases, especially in eCommerce, SaaS, and Content Publishing

– How you can improve click rates by sending notifications when your audience is most responsive

So, tune in! And, there’s a surprise waiting for you at the end of the episode.

Resources mentioned

You can listen to the episode of Perpetual Traffic on PushCrew, here.

To get a deeper context of this conversation, you can also download The State of Web Push Notifications – A PushCrew report, from here. If you’re excited already, you can sign up for PushCrew, right here. No credit card required.

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