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Ask Your Visitor’s Hesitation With On-Page Surveys

On-page surveys help you discover a goldmine of insights on why your visitors are behaving a certain way. Simply ask the right questions and get them answered by your visitors.

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VWO On-Page Surveys Report 2016 | How Smart Enterprises Gather User Feedback

2 Min Read

Gathering qualitative insights from your visitors can go a long way in deciding what to optimize.

On-page Surveys or website surveys are one of the most certain ways to solicit such qualitative insights on what users actually think about your website and the areas where you can improve.

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However, these On-page surveys also need to be optimized for best results. This report aims to help you create better On-page surveys and fetch higher number of responses.

We studied 1,154 On-page surveys created by different enterprises using VWO. The surveys contained 2,661 questions and received a total of 457,797 responses. We identified trends and patterns on how enterprises used the surveys and how visitors responded to them.

For each factor involved, we’ve analyzed both how websites have commonly used On-page Surveys and how their customers/users have interacted with them. The report contains detailed insights under the following headings:

Number of Questions Used per Survey

We took a peek into the number of questions used per survey by various organizations and how that affected the completion rate of the survey.

Quite unsurprisingly, surveys with the least number of questions, that is, single-questioned surveys received the highest completion rate.

Types of Question Formats Used

Next, we looked into the different types of question formats used such as select-based questions, checkbox-type question, single-line response based questions, and so on.

Checkbox type questions were preferred the most, as these gathered the highest completion rate while single-line and multi-line response-based questions had the lowest completion rate.

Campaign Triggers Used

The performance of a survey also varies depending on when it is flashed in front of the website visitors. You can choose different actions like “click an element,” “time spent on page,” “exit intent,” and so on, as triggers to display your surveys.

The report highlights that “click an element” resulted in the highest completion rate.

Position of the Survey

Analyzing the position or placement of the survey also bore interesting results. Most companies opted for surveys placed on the right which also yielded marginally better results. The right-handed surveys had about 80% higher completion rate compared to the left-handed ones.

Download Free: Website Surveys Guide

Ideal Time of Completion of the Survey

Lastly, we looked into the most common time when visitors on various websites chose to fill the surveys.

Over to You

The report incorporates valuable takeaways on all these fronts to help you create your On-page surveys like a breeze.

Write to us at marketing@vwo.com for an updated version of the same report.

Vaishali Jain
Vaishali Jain Majored in English literature and currently working with content at VWO. Loves her coffee, books and movies.
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