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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Holidays are near. I hear you say: yay! Holidays have always been a very happy period for marketers, businesses and customers alike. Businesses want to cheerfully sell stuff and customers want to gladly buy stuff. What a perfect setting! Even though eCommerce sales and conversions generally increase in this season, they can be optimized even more. If you are looking…

The most important metric that you should be tracking on your website is its bounce rate. It is a number which tells what percent of visitors leave your site after browsing just one page or within first 10 seconds (exact definition depends on the web analytics tool you use). Higher the bounce rate, higher the number of potential customers you…

We are starting a new blog on conversion rate optimization today. It will contain tips, tricks, hacks, guides and secrets for converting your website visitors into your customers. If you are serious about your business online and don't have a clue what your conversion rate is, stop reading right now! You cannot  optimize what you don't measure.  First step is…