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[Infographic] Why a Website Redesign Doesn’t Always Work

(This is a guest post, contributed by PRWD.)

The website redesign.

It is often the big money ticket for a business; the project upon which a lot of faith is placed, and improved numbers are expected across the board.

Ideally, it is expected to provide a significant improvement in sales and leads figures, based on a modern, seamless and intuitive experience for the visitors that is future-proofed for the constantly changing marketplace.

Unfortunately, the numbers from PRWD‘s survey show that this is not always the case. In fact, a few businesses even find a decline in sales after undergoing website redesign.

So if you’re currently in the middle of a website redesign (or planning one in the near future), have a quick look at the infographic below.

Following on from PRWD’s last infographic on the effectiveness of website traffic acquisition strategies, this infographic provides insight into why a website redesign for many of the UK’s biggest businesses don’t provide a jump in sales and leads.

At the end of the infographic, there are key takeaways that can help you get the most out of a website redesign.

Click here to get the full infographic

[Infographic] Why-website-redesign-doesnt-always-work

What Do You Think?

Have you ever done a website redesign? What would you do to ensure that a redesigned website improves the bottom-line?

We’d love to know your thoughts. Post them in the comments section below.

Nitin is a traveler, a cinephile, and a webaholic. (He just can't get enough of cat videos!) Professionally, Nitin is a marketer at VWO, who loves to write about Conversion Optimization. Find him on Twitter: @NitinDeshdeep

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  1. Thank you Nitin & PRWD, for sharing a helpful Infographic with us. Actually, I have never done a website redesign but I believe that if your blog is well established & receives good traffic, then redesigning a website will be helpful. After redesigning, if the design of a website becomes more impressive & beautiful, mobile-friendly, and everything is in a perfect place, then I think there is no reason for the decrease in traffic, and engagement.

  2. I think the stat about the 6% actually using psychological concepts in design sums it up right there…. with the 60 ish percent who actually get a gain on their redesign, its merely by luck with the design firms they hire, the ones with all the awards but none of the knowledge to do this stuff themselves get a slightly better result than par. Use VWO and watch what people are doing before you do anything at all.

  3. Very beautiful infographic! I had to retweet it 🙂
    So many people need to embrace and apply the concept of A/B testing in all of their conversion optimization endeavours. I believe it is our mission to make web developers and companies aware of how important A/B testing is!

    1. Hi Ricky,

      Nice catch. The lack of attention given to mobile optimization is shocking indeed. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  4. As someone currently heavily involved in a site redesign, which looks like it might just incorporate the whole site, these are some interesting stats here. Lots to think about and I’m constantly reminded that simply updating the site’s look and feel for the sale of it, won’t automatically increase conversions.

  5. Users have become smart and so, even if they visit a website, it takes lot more than nice designs to engage the customer. Responsive web designs have become vital and so has user experience though all of this. All the points mentioned are valid and the Inforgraphic is excellent.

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