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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Visual Website Optimizer is expanding its team! I am so proud of the progress we made in last 10 months (we launched paid plans in May 2010): growing from 0 to 7000+ users we have today. We are entirely self-funded (have not raised any angel or VC round) and have been profitable from day 1. Thank you, our lovely customers.

Touch wood, things have gone well for us and I hope they will continue to be good. That’s why we have now decided to move to a new office and grow the team by hiring the best programmers, support engineers and sales guys we can find in Delhi, India. (Already extended offers to 2 more kickass engineers.)

Our new office with an awesome view

Our new office is on 7th floor of a multi-storied building and has a view that is unmatched with any other office place we have seen. We simply fell in love with it when we were looking for a new place. See some of our pics below:

That’s me (Paras Chopra) and my new workspace!


Our team (from left to right): Sushaantu, Sparsh and me (Paras)


Another beautiful view (Sushaantu in the foreground, Sparsh is the cameraman!)

Want to join our team?

We recently put up a careers page and are looking forward to hiring people for three profiles below:

  • Software Engineering
  • Customer Happiness and Technical Support
  • Sales and Business Development

We prefer candidates who are willing to work from our office in Delhi, India (we prefer having team at one physical location though for customer happiness and technical support, we are willing to work with remote candidates). So if you are interested in joining a bootstrapped, fast growing and profitable startup or know someone who could be interested, please do let us know at

We’re hungry to grow more and more!


CEO of @Wingify by the day, startups, marketing and analytics enthusiast by the afternoon, and a nihilist philosopher/writer by the evening!

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  1. Having followed your venture from scratch, you know I’m impressed by your achievement. Happy expansion!

  2. Great Office. Nice to see you guys growing at a fast pace πŸ™‚

  3. Nice, you are moving forward fast, Paras & team! Enjoy your new office and keep up the good work!

  4. I’ve always admired VWO/Wingify as a the model bootstrapped startup that basically grew like wildfire. Good job on your growth!

  5. Absolutely Fantastic. Many many congratulations and wishes. Lot to learn from you Paras.

  6. Congratulations Paras!! Its amazing see you grow so fast! Keep up the pace! πŸ™‚

  7. Always nice to see yet another step of progress Paras!

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