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We’ve grown, hit 1600+ customers, moved to a bigger office and still not looking for funding

This year is proving to be an interesting one for Wingify and our first product, the A/B and multivariate testing tool Visual Website Optimizer. Here’s a round up of all that’s happened so far.

Our brand new office

In April 2012, in anticipation of more people joining the company, we shifted into a new office that we thought was large enough to handle any space needs that might arise in the near future.

We couldn’t have been more wrong, and happily so. After just four months of that last shift, the team has grown and we’ve moved into a bigger address: 403 and 404 Gopal Heights, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi. Here are some photos of the new place.

In case you are the kinds that has to regularly deal with web servers, I’m sure you noticed our address: 403 and 404 Gopal Heights, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi. Yup, we’re mighty excited about it too. For those who missed the connect, 403 Forbidden is the error code returned when a user requests a page that the web server doesn’t allow him to access (funnily, the door to our office 403 doesn’t open). 404 Not Found is when the server could not find the requested page or media. The image below is the Google “broken robot” 403 error.

And here’s the 404 image used on Visual Website Optimizer (here’s a useful post on Smashing Magazine on how to optimize your error pages).

403 and 404 pages are recurring page views for anyone who regularly tweaks web servers. So obviously, when the real estate agents showed Paras and Sparsh this location, they couldn’t contain their excitement. However, thankfully, real estate agents in Delhi are not web developers and our CXOs were able to drive a hard bargain.

Continuous, unabated growth

We keep waxing eloquent about this (and intend to do so in the future too), but Wingify has been cash positive from day 1. That situation continues to this day and our paying-customer growth is consistent and unabated. To illustrate, on August 10, 2012, Visual Website Optimizer hit 1500 paying customers. Our CEO was overcome with emotion and his words can be read in this blog post. Here’s the logo created for the occasion.

And just after about two weeks of that post we reached 1600+ paying-customers as on August 27, 2012. Our heart felt thanks to our customers, who’ve over the past 2.5 years shown awesome faith and stuck with VWO for their A/B and multivariate testing needs.

Kushagra completes his first year at Wingify

You remember Kushagra, don’t you? Him of the long hairon-the-spot, mind blowing creativity and awesome coding skills? Well, Kush completed a year at Wingify on August 25, 2012 and this is what he had to say about his experience so far (taken from his blog post):

“Since then, it has been a journey filled with lots of learning, making awesome stuff and wonderful parties 🙂 Being a startup I have got the opportunity to work in various domains here which has really helped me grow, learn new things and become better at whatever I do. Here, I have created frontends, backends, doodles, christmas cards (this was a tough job for our team) and what not. And the most important thing which sets Wingify apart from the rest is the creative freedom and casual environment it provides to the team which lets us create better and better product for our customers.”

Also, we had a party to mark the occasion and here is a safe-for-work photo of the dinner, a few drinks before shit got crazy:

Our current team

Our current team comprises 11 people with an average age of about 24 years, maxima being 28 and minima 21. The most commonly used operating system is Mac OS X, followed by Ubuntu and then Windows. The most closely followed news sources are Techcrunch and Mashable. Hacker News is where we go for our daily dose of industry gossip.

The Wingify timeline

Click on image to view larger version

On funding

Questions about funding come our way all the time. People are either interested in how much we’ve received so far, or how much are we looking for in the future.

We’ve never sought funding, have been cash positive since day 1 and are not looking for any kind of external money in the near future. There seems to be some sort of fascination with having someone else pour money into your startup. However, please don’t forget that it’s worthwhile striving to create a great business from the ground up, and that’s what we’re aiming for. Our aim is to make our customers our investors.


We’re still on the lookout for the following positions

  1. Software Engineer – Web Technologies
  2. Software Engineer – Javascript
  3. Technical Support Engineer
  4. User Experience / User Interface

If you think you like the slightly wacky feel of our office, the confidence in ourselves to build products that sell because customers love them and the company of a small bunch of some very smart people then you should apply right now.

I do marketing at VWO.

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  1. Paras from Wingify here.

    @Neha, @Rajat, @Guido, @Kees: thanks a lot! We’re very excited about our journey ahead.

    @Matt: Thanks. Yes, a single woman right now. But we’re keen to hire more. Interviewing lots of them!

  2. Congrats, Paras. Have been following your story since your interview on Mixergy — love the gusto, the commitment to staying self-funded, and of course, the product. Wish you guys all the best.

  3. Kudos Sparsh and team 🙂 You guys look like the next BIG story in the making…. like Google/FB/InstaGram…. All the best !!

  4. Not even remotely surprised. We’ve been working with you for more than two years now. Your product is incredible, your support unmatched. I wish you many more years of great success, and look forward to our working together for a long time.

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