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The best Conversion Rate Optimization posts for August 2012

In June 2012, we curated a list of the best conversion optimization posts for that month. Continuing that feature (with a slight break in July), here’s the treasure trove of CRO insights and learnings from August, 2012.

How to prepare your mind — and your team — for split-testing

Arielle Patrice Scott, the Marketing Director of shows how to introduce a culture of testing where none exists. One quick benefit: you’ll sound a 100 times smarter at any networking event when you say you’re testing your ideas.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Rethinking the HIPPO

Image taken from Staci Myers/FLickr

The inimitable Linda Bustos of GetElastic explains how you can convince the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Organization) to let go of his/her HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) and get buy-in for optimization testing as a regular feature of the marketing calendar.

Optimization Summit 2012: Your peers’ top takeaways

Although MeclabsOptimization Summit 2012 happened back in June 2012, this video is a good summary of the key takeaways from the summit.

 [How To] Demonstrate the Value of Conversion Rate Optimization to Any Boss (or Client)

Angela Stringfellow gives this excellent step by step guide on how to convince bosses and clients on the need and value of Conversion Rate Optimization, via Unbounce.

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Critique an ESPN Landing Page

Crazy Egg gets 5 conversion rate optimization experts to weigh in on the ESPN Fantasy Football landing page (page might have changed). Very interesting discussion.

How Moving the Call-to-Action below the Fold Generated a 304% Lift in Conversions

An excellent case study by Michael Aagaard of ContentVerve on how best practices don’t always result in the best results. Do check the discussion in the comments of this post, they’re mighty insightful.

 How large should your A/B test sample size be?

A comprehensive guest post on the mathematics behind A/B testing by data analyst and marketer Kees Schippers on our own blog.

How a Made-up Product Increased Conversions by 233%

Steve Young and his team at SmartShoot took a leaf out of Dan Ariely’s book on behavioral economics, “Predictably Irrational“, to create an inferior new product out of thin air, that increased conversions of the main product by 233%. Awesome SaaS pricing case study at Unbounce.

Experiments 101

Detailed guide on Experimentation by Simon Cast, co-founder of ProdPad. In his own words “So, below is my handy guide to experimentation built from scars received on the coal face of experimenting.”

How to Do a Split Test With Customer Reviews

Step by Step article on how to split test your customer reviews by Joakim Ditlev, Product Marketing Manager at TrustPilot. Given that customer reviews are an important part of trust signs, optimizing their placement and the human photos within can result in very agreeable outcomes.

How A/B testing can help with SEO

In addition to being a great resource on all things A/B testing, answers the all important question “When my version wins in an A/B test against a colleague should I rub it in his face?

Techniques and Resources for Customer Development and Design

Useful web presentation on CRO geared towards designers and startups. Don’t know who made it. If you do, please tell us in the comments.


Do you think we’ve missed out something, or do you have any case studies, guides or articles that will help other marketing professionals gain a deeper insight into conversion rate optimization? Please share them in the comments. Also, if you’d like your case study, post or guide shared in the September iteration of our “Best of CRO” series, let us know through email, Twitter or Facebook.

I do marketing at VWO.

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  1. Fabulous resource. I’m so fascinated with the “made-up product” example. Read it in Ariely’s book and just being reminded of it. Must find a way to potentially use that and test the results.

  2. Insiya,

    Yes, that particular case study is an excellent example of using (almost) academic research to guide one’s business decisions, not to mention one as sensitive as pricing.

    Thanks for stopping by, and do let me know if you come across any other content that could be useful to marketing professionals and startups.

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