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Jeremy Reeves

Jeremy Reeves is a sales funnel specialist who helps entrepreneurs achieve more growth, faster. Visit for a free calculator to see how a properly built sales funnel can add 80%+ profit to your bottom-line.

Why Most People are Trying to Increase Conversion Rates in the Wrong Places

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All of us want to increase our website conversion rate. We all know it can lead to tremendous improvement to our bottom-line. You already know it can increase leads, sales, back-end profits and give you a competitive edge in your industry. But the harsh reality still haunts us.

It takes time… energy… resources… and manpower.

Even though improving conversion rates has been proven to be one of the most high ROI activities you can do in your business,

How To Increase Conversion Rates 
Using Preselling

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"Yup, that's a great restaurant!"

Over the years I’ve talked with hundreds of clients and potential clients… conversion optimization wannabees & newbies… and optimizations masters as well.

In that time I’ve discovered an easy-to-fix mistake which is one of the key differentiators between newbies and masters.

It’s controlling what happens BEFORE people hit your website.

This is known as preselling.

Preselling is something very few people know about or do. It’s something that the majority of people never give a second thought to.

Anatomy of long sales letter

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In the past, you must have come across one of those long sales page that never seem to end. Most designers hate long sales letters because they contain heaps of text but apparently lack on aesthetics front. Some people go extreme and even call such sales pages as evil forms of internet marketing. Truth be told: long sales letter pages are based on learnings from direct marketing and catalog industry, so there is nothing inherently evil about them.