Visualize Your Visitors' Click & Scroll Behavior with Website Heatmaps

VWO Insights's heatmap software helps you analyze how visitors browse your website, what attracts or distracts them, and more. From how your visitors interact with your CTA buttons to how they browse page content, get a true representation of all visitor actions as it happened.

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VWO Insights

Combine multiple behavioral analytics tools to diagnose problems in your visitors' experiences.

VWO Insights

Combine multiple behavioral analytics tools to diagnose problems in your visitors' experiences.


Uncover conversion leaks and deep-dive where visitors drop-off

Session Recordings

Step into a visitor's shoes and discover friction in their journey


Visualize visitor behavior and see what catches their attention

On-Page Surveys

Get real feedback from your website visitors with on-page surveys

Form Analytics

Know how visitors interact with your forms & what causes drop-offs

Usability Reviews

Crowdsource UX feedback from thousands of internet-savvy consumers

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Brandon Gentry
VWO Platform helps me quickly and easily find conversion optimization wins that I can standardize across our whole enterprise. I don’t like to use the phrase “best practice” unless I can prove it, and my proof is in the data provided by VWO. Brandon Gentry
Director, User Experience, Warner Music Group

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Analyze Dynamic Heatmaps on Your Website

VWO Insights’s heatmap tool enables you to record visitor data on dynamic URLs and elements of your website, so you can glean insights on how visitors interact with those. Use navigation mode to browse different pages while viewing behavior on each element on these pages.


Create User Segments to Further Refine Your Analysis

Slice and dice behavioral data, using your preferred segments, and then share findings with your colleagues. You can filter your website heatmap report using complex and/or bracketing logic conditions or choose from our software’s predefined segments.

User segments

Understand the Scroll Behavior by Using Scrollmaps

Are enough visitors scrolling to the end of the page? Find out where visitors spend most of their time and if important sections towards the end of the page are getting the required attention.


Track How Visitors Interact With Your Test Variations

VWO leaves no stone unturned when helping you build better customer experience. Unlike Hotjar, various VWO Insights’s capabilities like heatmaps enable you to track and analyze visitor behavior even on your test variations – ascertain why the variation worked or failed.

Visitors interaction

Generate Deep Insights Into Your Users' Behavior

Combine the power of VWO Insights’s session recordings, heatmaps, website surveys, form analytics and more to diagnose problem areas in your visitors’ experiences across devices and platforms – so you can fix what’s broken, and make the good stuff even better.

Users' Behavior

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