Visualize How Your Users Navigate Your Website with Heatmaps In VWO Insights

Heatmaps help you visualize the sections of a page where visitors click and the sections of the page where they lose interest.

Used by marketing, development and product teams from 6000+ leading brands worldwide

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View Dynamic Heatmaps on Your Live Website

VWO Insights' heatmaps record visitor data on the live state of your website. Hence, you can easily view behavior on elements like modal boxes, pages behind logins, and dynamic URLs.


Identify Where Your Visitors are Clicking the Most

Get real-time data on where visitors are clicking. Use the click data to find out key action points on your pages. Now, move your important CTAs close to these spots.


Understand the Scroll Behavior by Using Scrollmaps

Are enough visitors scrolling to the end of the page? Find out where visitors spend most of their time and if important sections towards the end of the page are getting the required attention.

Use Click Area to Compare Between Sections

Select multiple areas on your page and compare the number of clicks between them.

With the new VWO platform with features like Surveys, Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings, we found that we could do everything in the VWO platform and we don't need to rely on multiple tools such as Hotjar and Crazy Egg. Everything can be done inside the platform. Everything is at one centralized place. We don't have to rely on diverse and third party tools anymore. We have one dashboard to understand how people are engaging with the site, what's working and not working and help democratize how we are looking at CRO.

Jon Corwin Growth Manager, One Click