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The Scalable Way: Unlocking Data To Drive Great Customer Experience And Conversion Uplift

Duration - 60 minutes
Arpit Srivastava

Arpit Srivastava

Manager - Marketing Strategy and Analysis, Publicis Sapient

Paresh Mandhyan

Paresh Mandhyan

VP Marketing, VWO

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Marketers today are under tremendous pressure to drive revenue and ROI. This pressure more often than not leads to ad hoc data gathering, analysis, CX projects, and even experiments that are not backed by data. Some of these may help with short term uplift, but is it scalable?

Join us for a live webinar to understand how some of the leading Fortune 2000 organizations have built a robust and scalable process to turn data into insights, and to use insights to elevate their CX leading to drastically higher conversions and in turn Revenue/ROI.

In this webinar, co-presented by Arpit Srivastava, Manager – Marketing Strategy and Analysis, Publicis Sapient, and Paresh Mandhyan, Director of Marketing, VWO, we show you how to do this the scalable way!

About the speakers:

Arpit Srivastava is the Manager – Marketing Strategy and Analysis at Publicis Sapient. He has 12+ years of experience in digital marketing, data analytics, and experience optimization. In his current capacity, he consults several large scale businesses to help them drive ROI using data-driven marketing & optimization strategies.

Paresh Mandhyan is the Director of Marketing, VWO. He has 12+ years of experience in various aspects of the marketing mix with a keen focus on demand generation and conversion optimization.

Key Takeaways

  • Framework across people, process and technology to drive results out your ExO program
  • Architecture to support scalable online experimentation programs
  • Using data to design digital experiences that drive business growth

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