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User Research: The Superpower Behind Experimentation Programs

Duration - 50 minutes
Chris Gibbins

Chris Gibbins

Chief Experience Officer, Creative CX

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User research is often a side-lined activity within the experimentation space, but it’s crucial for keeping your testing velocity up and your win rates high.

Many experimentation and optimization teams fail to make this connection due to a lack of time, resources, knowledge or the siloed structure of their organization.

In this talk, Chris will take you through some practical examples of how user research can drive the quantity of ideas, their quality, and originality, which in turn leads to a much more successful overall experimentation program. 

Key takeways

  • Discover which types of user research are most useful in combination with experimentation
  • Learn why research is so important and how it makes such a difference
  • Find out how to successfully integrate research into your experimentation & optimization programs
  • Get practical tips to break those siloes that very often get in the way of success

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