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10 Steps To Double Your Website Conversions With Live Chat

James Gill

James Gill

CEO, GoSquared

Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh Rai

Ex - Product Marketer, VWO

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We typically think of chat as a tool for enhancing customer support functions. However, smart and fast-growing businesses leverage live chat as a powerful way to sell too.

In this webinar, we partnered with James Gill, CEO, GoSquared, to dive deep into the specifics of growing sales on your website with live chat.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Step-by-step process to increase your website conversion with your chat tool
  • Ways to encourage your website visitors to start a conversation
  • Ways in which live chat can transform your sales cycle
  • Learning from real-world examples to showcase the effectiveness of live chat

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