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Two Frameworks You Can Use to Improve the Hypotheses of Your Tests

Duration - 45 minutes
Haley Carpenter

Haley Carpenter

Senior CX Strategist, Speero

Shanaz Khan

Shanaz Khan

Brand Marketing

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The success of your testing program is directly proportional to the quality of your hypotheses. Therefore, getting them right becomes imperative. 

To give you tips and practical frameworks to formulate improved hypotheses, we’ve partnered with Haley Carpenter, Senior CX Strategist at Speero by CXL. Haley has experience ranging from user research to building and running experimentation programs and works with the likes of Vitamix, NextEra Energy, Olaplex, Procore, Toast, and Parkmobile.

In this session, Haley will talk about two practical frameworks that you need to get the most out of any testing program: The ResearchXL framework and the PXL prioritization framework.

With insights on how to gain a better ROI from your testing program, this session is a must-attend!

Key Takeaways

  • How to use ResearchXL to form better hypotheses, and what research to conduct based on what you need to uncover about your users
  • How to use the PXL framework to objectively rank your hypotheses so that you work first on ideas with higher potential

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