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How To Use Hicks Law For CRO Success

Duration - 45 minutes
Darrell Williams

Darrell Williams

Founder, Growth Hack Guides

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Hick’s Law, better known as the paradox of choice, states that increasing the number of options increases the decision time to make a choice.

Cognitive bias plays a vital role in the paradox of choice that can increase or decrease your conversion rate. Simplicity can often be complex due to limiting options to appeal to audience segments. Learning the scientific principles of choice is imperative for increasing transactions and retaining customers long-term.

Darrell is a growth marketing expert, and the founder of Growth Hack Guides. He comes with a unique perspective to influence conversions that can help any online business build a loyal customer base in the long term.

Key Takeaways

  • Isolate variables to create an iterative process for A/B split testing
  • Leverage the power of feedback to inform product/service selection
  • Use the P.I.E (potential, importance and ease) method to prioritize products/services

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