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How to Run Landing Page Tests On and Off Paid Social Platforms

28 May 2024 AM Eastern time
Duration - 40 minutes (Approx.)
Alexandra Cîmpan

Alexandra Cîmpan

CRO Lead, Pearmill

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Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Mariate, Alexandra and Nima where we will unveil a comprehensive blueprint for crafting a successful paid media strategy focused on landing page testing.With escalating costs in paid advertising, understanding how to maximize each visitor’s experience is crucial for retention and conversion.

This session will dive into the methodologies for executing and analyzing landing page tests within paid social channels, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

The Pearmill team will guide you through the nuances of setting up and managing landing page experiments on paid social platforms. You will learn about the critical rules to follow, the structure of effective tests, optimal conversion duration and budget allocation.

The session will also cover data analysis techniques and criteria for graduating landing pages.

In the second part of the webinar, Pearmill will explore the use of A/B testing platforms. Discover common pitfalls to avoid in A/B testing and gain insights into analyzing A/B tests results effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective testing structures: Learn how to structure landing page tests for paid social media to maximize impact and efficiency.
  • Budget management: Understand how to allocate and manage budgets for testing simulations and actual deployment.
  • Analyzing test results: Gain insights into interpreting data from A/B tests and how to use this information to make informed decisions.
  • Landing page graduation: Learn when and how to transition a landing page from testing phases to full-scale launch based on analytical evidence.
  • Common pitfalls and solutions: Identify frequent mistakes in A/B testing and learn strategies to avoid them.

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