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5 Strategies to Drive Instant Improvement in Your Brand’s CVR, AOV and LTV

Duration - 40 minutes
Jacob Elbaum

Jacob Elbaum

Founder , Shivook

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This concise presentation focuses on fortifying three vital business metrics: Conversion Rate (CVR), Average Order Value (AOV), and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Enhancing CVR, AOV, and LTV: The talk will quickly define these metrics, underlining their importance for growth and profitability.

Personalized Marketing: The spotlight will be on customer segmentation and targeted marketing to improve CVR, featuring practical, instant strategies.

Upselling and Cross-selling: This segment will explore techniques like bundle offers and smart pricing to boost AOV immediately.

Boosting LTV: Attendees will learn quick tips to improve LTV, focusing on customer service, loyalty programs, and retention strategies.

Data Analytics and A/B Testing: The presentation will emphasize the role of data analysis and A/B testing in enhancing CVR, AOV, and LTV.

In this session, you will learn actionable insights for businesses to instantly enhance their key metrics, balancing theoretical understanding with hands-on advice.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the significance of CVR, AOV, and LTV as they directly impact a business's growth and profitability
  • Realizing the power of personalized marketing and customer segmentation
  • Learn effective Upselling/Cross-Selling techniques and Customer Loyalty initiatives that impact AOV and LTV
  • Ability to embrace data analytics and A/B testing for constant improvement in business metrics

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