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Mixed Method Experimentation to Eliminate Siloes & Uncover Business Growth

Duration - 40 minutes
Harriet Swan

Harriet Swan

Director of UX Research, Conversion

Alex Mason

Alex Mason

Director of Experimentation Strategy, Conversion

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When AB testing & UX Research work closely and collaboratively, businesses can make more confident decisions, take bigger risks, and increase their experiment win rates. However, in reality, bringing these two approaches and skill sets together can be challenging, with these teams often siloed and struggling to identify opportunities to combine the two.

In this talk, Harriet, Director of UX Research, and Alex, Director of Experimentation Strategy, will share how Conversion has evolved its mixed methods philosophy, team structure, and approach over the past five years and the challenges they have navigated along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Common challenges that businesses face when implementing a mixed methodologies approach and how to overcome them
  • Benefits of integrating UXR and Experimentation more closely in your business
  • Tangible examples from Conversion’s archive of how they design and deliver mixed methods work for their clients

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