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eCommerce Optimization – Secrets from the Trenches. Real-life Test Examples to Help You Set Your Winning Strategy in 2021

Duration - 45 minutes
Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Founder and CEO, Trinity

Shanaz Khan

Shanaz Khan

Brand Marketing

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For experimentation programs to spell success, it’s crucial for every component within them to work in harmony. 

To give you important insights into this topic, we’ve partnered with Craig Smith, CEO at Trinity. Trinity has been optimizing eCommerce businesses since 2006 and has been a premier partner of VWO since 2009.

In this webinar, Craig will walk you through the crucial components which are common to any conversion optimization program and highlight some of the most interesting and impactful tests that Trinity has launched recently.  

An insight-packed presentation, full of design examples, data, and new perspectives on how you can drive your brand higher in 2021 – this one is not to be missed!

Key Takeaways

  • Which UX changes should you make to reap conversions?
  • How can you overcome user hesitation and friction within web sessions?
  • How can you gain insights on where and what to change within your website?

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