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Listen to Your Customers Across their Journey Using Website Surveys

Duration - 40 minutes
Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh Rai

Ex - Product Marketer, VWO

Ashwin Gupta

Ashwin Gupta

Ex - Growth, VWO

Marc Sandifer

Marc Sandifer

Senior Product Manager, Contorion

Sathyajith Vijayakumar

Sathyajith Vijayakumar

Ex - Product Manager, VWO

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You spend hundreds of dollars into marketing to bring people to your site, maybe convert them into users just to find these folks leaving soon. Now, there are many tools to justify this behavior. However, nothing is as powerful as hearing these folks firsthand.

In this product webinar, we’ll discuss ways how businesses can be creative to learn the expectations of their customers using website surveys.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about challenges which businesses are addressing through Surveys
  • How to leverage various formats of collecting user/visitor feedback
  • Know how top businesses like Contorion use website surveys to gather insights

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