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How to Increase your B2B Revenue Pipeline via Experimentation

Duration - 40 minutes
Axel Sukianto

Axel Sukianto

Marketing Director, Demand Generation, UpGuard

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In 2023, all businesses are looking to do more with less. For B2B marketers, that should mean driving more pipeline and revenue that brings impact to the business. An experimentation culture can help B2B marketers deliver more and drive real results.

Throughout the session, we will highlight the importance of consistently trying new things, finding what works for you in terms of experiments, and ultimately, allowing you the right tools and data to make informed decisions to maximize your B2B revenue pipeline.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of a safe experimentation culture in an organization
  • Using experiments and optimizations to drive demos and revenue on your website
  • Experimenting with content at all stages to drive more traffic, leads, demos, and ultimately, revenue

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