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Be Christmas Sale ready – Best Strategies for Cart Abandonment Reduction and Recovery

Duration - 60 minutes
Jan Marks

Jan Marks

Director, Europe & Latin America, VWO

Oliver Engelbrecht

Oliver Engelbrecht

Head of Marketing & International Growth, LEAP

Paul Nichols

Paul Nichols

CRO Analyst, Blueknow

Lino Bort

Lino Bort

Founder, Blueknow

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The average abandonment rate for eCommerce stores is 68%. 

Let that sink in for a moment… 68% of your visitors who are interested enough to add items to their cart just click away. Never to be seen again. That’s an enormous missed revenue opportunity. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Jan Marks, Oliver Engelbrecht, Paul Nichols, and Lino Bort are experts in the field of Cart Abandonment and have spent years studying the two main sides of Cart Abandonment:

  1. What makes visitors abandon their cart mid-way? 
  2. How to recover these lost sales 

These experts have come together in this webinar, where they show how online stores can effectively reduce their cart abandonment rate and also convert abandoning visitors into customers. 

These include strategies you can implement today to reduce cart abandonment just in time for this year’s Black Friday, Single’s Day & Christmas shopping!

Key Takeaways

  • Top psychological reasons why visitors abandon their carts
  • 8 UX best practices to quickly reduce cart abandonment
  • Five keys to recovering abandoned sales that no one has explained to you
  • How to optimize ‘Cart recovery reminders’ and the best time to send them

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