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How User Research Can Make You A Conversion Rockstar

Paul Rouke

Paul Rouke

CEO & Founder, PRWD

Sushant Sharma

Sushant Sharma

Ex - Product Marketing Head, VWO

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Intelligent and thorough user research is an undervalued but a key element in ensuring that businesses realize the maximum potential of A/B tests. Also, the right approach to user research translates into better user segmentation, thus enabling personalization.

Join us on our webinar on “How User Research Can Make You a Conversion Rockstar,” where we talk about user research and personalization hacks that will guarantee better conversions for your product pages.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Debunking the 5 biggest myths about user research
  • Why 5 huge A/B test wins wouldn’t have been possible without user research
  • Using user data to personalize/localize onsite content
  • How dynamic content can guarantee conversions

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