How To Read Your Website Visitors’ Mind Through Their Behaviour

28 March 2019 | Eastern time

Utkarsh Rai

Product Marketer, VWO

Ashwin Gupta

Growth, VWO

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Do you also get overwhelmed by seeing all the visitor data in your VWO account? Or, do you spend too much time gathering insights? Our recent customer survey echoed these concerns and trust me, we understand.

So, to address these challenges, we are coming up with a webinar to help you overcome a state of data overload. This webinar will recommend ways in which you can gather crisper insights that impact your conversion goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Look into essential things before building a strong hypothesis.
  • Deep dive into understanding why your visitors did not convert.
  • Learn about the difference in behavior across your most important user segments.
  • Create a process to figure out insights around your business goals and funnels.