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How to beat most professional copywriters (webinar slides and video)

We recently presented a webcast titled “How to beat most professional copywriters” with Dr. Karl Blanks, the co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts. He has over 9 years of experience helping clients like Apple, Google, Facebook and Sony increase their conversion rate through smart copywriting.

In the slides and video you’ll find:

  1. Three real world copy tests and the lessons they teach us.
  2. The vital few most important copywriting techniques with which you can beat most professional copywriters. If this sounds impossible, remember that most copywriters don’t A/B test their work.
  3. A winning copywriting template you can use to sell almost any product.

Here are the slides (direct link

And here’s a video of the talk (direct link

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Ask in the comments or send us an email.

Comments (9)

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  1. Superb information, thanks so much for sharing!

    Understanding how people think, feel, rationalise and analyse your product or service will make you an awesome copy writer. (wait…I’m not sure I would say that sentence to a real person;)

  2. Good video but I felt the Tesco segment with the ham was irrelevant.

    In the UK, any food packaging presenting anything other than what is contained in the package needs to have ‘Serving suggestion’ or equivalent displayed – This is a legality to stop the customer assuming the sandwich comes in the box.

  3. hmm.. guys not sure if it’s just me but on this page both the slides and video are just a blank grey box. I’m using the newest firefox browser. was looking forward to checking this out.. just a heads up it might be broken.


  4. It is a fact that anyone can beat a professional copywriter. After all, it is not difficult to string words together and put them in a sentence. But when it comes to certain writing styles and techniques, it would probably be best to seek the help of a professional because it is their job to know.

  5. @Ben – You’re spot on! 😀

    @Drew – Thanks for bringing that up, Drew. I believe Dr. Karl will be able to reply to your query better. I’ll request him to get in touch here.

    @Jeremy – We’ve fixed the issue. Is it working for you now? Otherwise, you can access them here directly: T (video) and (slides).

    @James – Glad you found it useful.

    @Chris – Hope you were able to see them now.

    @William – That’s there. But I think, if someone cannot afford to hire a copywriter or want to make their own tweaks to the copy, these tips can still take them a long way. 🙂

  6. @Drew – I hadn’t realised that that headline was just a large version of the legal “serving suggestion” small print. Thanks for pointing it out. If I give that talk again, I’ll use a different example of bad copy. (They aren’t hard to find, are they?)

    @William – Interesting point. However, many clients assume that copywriters do know how to write words that sell. Perhaps copywriters who can’t win split-tests should mention that as a disclaimer on their business cards. 🙂

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