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How to convert more users from your email campaign?

Duration - 60 minutes
Julia Ritter

Julia Ritter

Email Marketing Manager, Mailjet by Sinch

Aastha Agarwal

Aastha Agarwal

Ex - Optimization Consultant, VWO

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  1. Julia Ritter, Email Marketing Manager at Mailjet by Sinch

    Julia Ritter is the Email Marketing Manager at Mailjet by Sinch. She has been working in email for the last five years. She loves writing emails with attention to brand voice and using automated campaigns to find efficiencies for both the audience and internal teams.

  2. Aastha Agarwal, Optimization Consultant at VWO

    Aastha is an expert in conversion rate optimization, helping online businesses craft conversion-centric growth strategies focused on improving the goals and KPIs that matter most to them. Her 2 years of specialized experience with CRO across eCommerce, SAAS, and banking companies have equipped her with the ability to analyze nuances of visitor behavior and implement data-backed growth-oriented strategies.

About the session:

Your audiences can receive up to 50 emails per day! This means it’s pretty easy for you to get lost in the inbox noise. Not only do you have to stand out to get their attention, but once you do, you have to keep your audience interested for longer than it takes to hit the delete button. In this session, Julia will offer actionable strategies that help you prove to your audiences that what you have to offer is worthy of their time (and money) and that you’re paying attention to what they want.

After this, Aastha will take over the session. She’ll talk about ways to optimize landing pages where your audience reaches post the email CTA clicks.  90% of email marketers tend to limit optimization to email layouts to pump up those click rates but fail to address what happens beyond that novel click. Clicks manage to get users on your websites but ultimately, you also want these potentially interested visitors to convert for your desired goal. How can you do that? By simply optimizing the landing pages/experiences. No surprises, no click baits, but clear & iterative communication is your quick escape out of poor email ROI.

Topics covered in the session:

  • Why you should focus on the deliverability of an email campaign
  • Best practices that improve email open rate
  • Things you should not do with your email campaign
  • Landing page challenges commonly faced
  • Best practices to improve the email click rate
  • The right and wrong website experiences
  • Automations and things to remember

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