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How to convert more users from your email campaign?

Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Optimize the landing page: The experience beyond the click is crucial. Ensure that the landing page aligns with the expectations set in the email to improve conversion rates.
  • Adapt the landing page to the email CTA: The intent of the landing page should match the intent of the email CTA. If the email says "shop now," the landing page should lead to a shopping experience.
  • Segment your audience: Adapt your landing page based on the targeted segment. Different segments may respond better to different landing page designs or content.
  • Align email and landing page content: The content on the landing page should align with what was promised in the email to maintain consistency and trust.
  • Sequence products on the landing page: Based on the intent of the email, sequence the products on the landing page accordingly. This can help guide the user's journey and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Summary of the session

The webinar, led by Mailjet’s digital marketing expert, Julia Ritter, delved into the intricacies of optimizing email campaigns and landing pages. Julia emphasized the importance of product sequencing, aligning email imagery with landing page content, and tailoring landing page design based on customer segmentation. She also discussed the emerging bundle strategy and the importance of placing high-interest products or features at the top of the page. 

She warned against misleading clickbait strategies, using an example of inconsistent discount messaging. The host, Raghav, facilitated a Q&A session, where Julia advised attendees to benchmark against competitors’ newsletters for better results.

Webinar Video

Webinar Deck

Top questions asked by the audience

  • It would be great to know if you should subscribe to a very specific newsletter from any company in the world. So it has a great reputation so we can benchmark it for the later run. Right?

    Totally. So here's the thing. Benchmarking is hard because you don't know every industry is different, and you don't know They could be putting out a newsletter. If you don't know if it's successful, know, I mean, it could be successful to you because you're getting something out of it. So I think if you're looking for something to benchmark against, maybe, subscribe to, like, do some competitor research, you know, subscribe to their newsletters to see what they're putting out and how they're treating their customers. But, and also, like, anything content-wise, and sometimes you do, like, it's a test, you know, you subscribe to some. You might unsubscribe from them a month in because they're not giving you what you need. A good example, is a really good email. It is really good - They have great examples of good emails. So, if you need to see kind of what's out there, without subscribing to things, I think that's a great resource too.
  • How important is personalization when we consider designing a landing page for an email user?

    100%. Like, short answer, it's 101% important. I think one of the slides Julia also talked about was that about 89% of people prefer key to content or subject lines over a discount code, things of tha ...t sort. So I think 110%. It's very, very important. And if you talk about how you can go ahead with personalization. I think a lot of, first, just define the parameters that you wanna personalize the experience on. Is it by the demographics? Is it about the age, the gender, the country they are in? I think Slack does that. Slack code uses your IP address to detect which country you're from, and it says that it's the best plan for India and the best plan for teams in the US. I think that's one thing that they do on demographics. You can do it based on your visitor attributes, whether they're a new visitor, they're in returning visitor, or they're a customer, they're a subscriber. As I said, to a customer, you wanna show things that have passed in the, there are things that they have chosen in the past. So you wanna show those kinds of things. You wanna show things from the same category to them. You know, there are endless possibilities that can, you know, probably even be personalized based on the time of the day they're coming on the website. You see that a lot of times, good morning, good evening, so that's all. So 100% important, I think, just seeing that the website knows me, has a word for human connect, then knowing that I'm just connecting over a machine from something of that sort. So for both of them, go for personalization. I think that's the new thing to be.


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