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Workflows for an Impeccable Customer Journey

Duration - 60 minutes
João Corona

João Corona

Customer Success Manager, Pipefy

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Customer experience is the backbone of any business. Great experience comes for seamlessness, across the funnel. From delivering personalized website experience and following it through with workflows all the way to end of the funnel or lifecycle.

Experience without intention and optimization can hinder productivity and actually make it harder to get work done. That’s why modeling workflows, customizing stages and testing outcomes allows teams to not just automate their workflows but orchestrate their processes for an improved customer journey.

Join this upcoming webinar featuring testing and automation experts from VWO and Pipefy to learn how to build and deliver custom workflows that are optimized for success:

  • The customer lifecycle and how to optimize the customer journey
  • Where automation can help and how to build custom workflows
  • Common pitfalls to automation and testing - and how to avoid them

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