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Workflows for an Impeccable Customer Journey

Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Migrate to a workflow platform: The first step in automation is to move your processes to a workflow platform. This will help you identify areas that need improvement.
  • Start with small improvements: Once you've migrated, start making small changes and improvements using automation. This will help streamline your processes.
  • Automate communication: Automate communication between stakeholders to improve efficiency and ensure that requests are directed to the appropriate department.
  • Comply with data protection laws: When personalizing, ensure you comply with data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA. Many tools have these compliances built-in.
  • Continually adapt and improve: Keep refining your processes based on feedback and results. Be aware of common pitfalls and have solutions ready to remedy them.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by Siddhartha from VWO, focused on the importance of digital touchpoints in the customer journey and the role of A/B testing in improving these experiences. Siddhartha, an expert in conversion optimization, discussed the process of making incremental improvements through qualitative and heuristic analysis data, leading to hypothesis formation and testing.

He also explained the concept of A/B testing, its types, and its significance in determining the impact of changes made on digital properties. The guest speaker, João Corona from Pipefy, shared his insights on automation in supporting the customer lifecycle. The session concluded with a poll to understand the attendees’ current practices regarding A/B testing.

Webinar Video

Top questions asked by the audience

  • What does a typical implementation for VWO look like?

    Yeah. Thank you so much for the question, VWO implementation is fairly simple. There are 2 types of codes that you need to place on your digital property depending on what area of the digital property ... you want to work on. If you want to work only on the website part of it, then you only have to install a simple, small pixel, the VWO smart code. And if you want to test things on the server side, then you just need to install the VWO SDK corresponding to your code base. And that's it. Once you have these installed and your digital property starts getting traffic, that traffic data is available on VWO also. And you can start implementing things on your digital properties. It's fairly straightforward.
  • Who are some of Pipefy's largest customers?

    We have a lot of customers in, like, almost every single market. We have since, like, huge banks here in Brazil using Pipefy, and we have, the top 5 consultancy groups also using Pipefy to drive digit transformation with their end customers. We have a lot of huge companies in the retail market. So Pipefy is a very horizontal platform in that we can use our no-code solution to implement and improve processes in the customer experience and support area. We can manage and improve processes in the purchase, finance, and a variety of processes and areas. We have a lot of different kinds of customers. So, we have customers from the marketing side. So, yeah, it's a very horizontal platform, and we are able to help a lot of big companies. The big ones like big banks here in Brazil. Also, some small startups are starting to create all the processes they need to run the business. So yeah. We have a lot of, a very nice customer base. Yeah.
  • What are some of the common processes you see teams starting with when looking to automate?

    Nice. So, yeah, we have, some kind of similar situations here at Pipefy. It's very common. And I think the first step as you have, like, you don't have the process model yet. You are not using a platf ...orm or a workflow form, or you're not using a specific tool to manage and handle this kind of process. The big first step is to migrate this to a workflow platform. So just by doing that, you will be able to start identifying where your process needs to be improved. So we see a lot of companies when they arrive in Pipefy. The first step is usually the one that takes, like, the most effort to translate the current applications and processes to a platform. And after they can do that, like, this is a small change, small improvements using automation. They are, like, very constant. The process is very automated as soon as the process gets into a workflow platform. So we see for marketing companies, for example, we see a lot of automation, used to triage this kind of request from the customers. So if it's a request for, I don't know, a branding, service, or something else, it will be automated, auto-automated, and redirected to a certain department that will take care of that. All the communication between the parts, and the stakeholders can be automated using Pipefy. So the first big step, I would say, to sum up, the first big step is to bring it to a platform and start looking at how your process works, and the opportunities to automate the parts of the process will just be there. You will easily find it.
  • Personalization is great, but what about GDPR?

    - by Catherine
    Yes. It really depends on the country that you're operating in and the laws that are most applicable to you in that region. I'm not the subject matter expert on this, to talk about it in so much detai ...l, but, with tools like VWO, the compliances are baked in. So you don't have to worry about the various laws that are applicable to your particular region, VWO takes care of some of the most popular, or most important commonplace internet laws. And GDPR does not exist for the entire world. Right? It's only for some countries in Europe. A similar form of GDPR exists in California called CCPA. And for both of those, VWO has systems baked in. Which complies with GDPR and CCPA for most other countries at this point. The personalization and, PII laws are not very stringent. However, there are many governments that are trying to get them in place to make sure that, no individual’s safety or opinions or ideologies are compromised. And that's something that is required and, it's very important for us to comply with them as much as possible till the laws don't exist. We can start implementing these systems. And as those laws come into play in your geography, systems can be set in place so that, you abide by them. And good thing is that many other tools will also make sure that they take steps toward it.


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