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Win by Ignoring 84% of Site Visitors

Duration - 45 minutes
Rishi Rawat

Rishi Rawat

Founder, Frictionless Commerce

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Say your conversion rate is 4%. That means 96% of visitors didn’t take the expected action. When confronted with this we often panic and go on a quest to convert everyone.

The reality is that 80% of your visitors will never buy, 4% are already buying, and that leaves 16% who are somewhere between. They’ll purchase but need more convincing.

In this event, Rishi will talk about how we can go after this juicy 16% without disturbing the 4% who are currently buying. He will also show the actual method of doing this.

Key takeways

  • How to get hold of buyers who are already considering your product
  • A new perspective to improve conversion rates
  • How to keep your conversion rates intact while you experiment

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