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VWO Demo for Google Optimize Users

Duration - 40 minutes
Jan Marks

Jan Marks

Director, Europe & Latin America, VWO

David Otero

David Otero

Sr. Consultant International Data, Making Science

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Join us for an informative webinar and discover how to take your optimization efforts to the next level! As a user of Google Optimize, you’re already familiar with the basics of A/B testing. But have you ever wondered what you’re missing out on? VWO is the leading experimentation platform, designed to help you optimize your website and apps with ease. Plus there’s so much more!

In this demo webinar, our experts, Jan Marks (Dir., Europe & Latin America, VWO) and David Otero (Sr. Consultant International Data, Making Science) will showcase the capabilities of the VWO experimentation platform.

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What we'll cover:

  • Build test variations without any (or less) developer help with WYSIWYG editor
  • Understand your ICP with heatmaps, form analytics, and session recordings
  • Go beyond testing to personalize visitor experience on the go

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