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VWO Demo for Google Optimize Users

Duration - 40 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Establish a process for analyzing data to identify issues and opportunities. This is the first and crucial step in any data-driven decision-making process.
  • Make full use of analytics tools like Google Analytics. Many companies only use basic features and don't dig deep into the data, missing out on valuable insights.
  • Consider using other tools beyond traditional analytics solutions. Tools like VWO offer features like session recording and heat maps, which provide a different perspective on user interaction.
  • Use qualitative data to understand user behavior and identify problems. Tools like VWO Insights offer a range of features to help you understand user behavior and create an optimization roadmap.
  • Use funnel analytics to understand user journeys and identify drop-off points. This can help you make modifications to improve user experience and increase conversions.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by Jan from VWO, delves into the process of conversion rate optimization testing, featuring insights from experts David Otero and Sergio. David, with his 13 years of experience, emphasizes the importance of patience and caution when interpreting initial test results. Sergio provides a walkthrough of the VWO platform, highlighting its ability to provide detailed results, including heat maps for specific variations and post-test segmentation.

The platform’s capabilities allow for a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, aiding in identifying problems or successes in tests. The webinar encourages audience engagement and offers further assistance for a more in-depth understanding of the platform.

Webinar Video


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