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Using customer data as a fuel for personalization

Duration - 60 minutes
Daniel Nokes

Daniel Nokes

Commercial Director, Ematters

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You really want to put the customer first, truly at the center of your personalization efforts. You also have data at your disposal, loads of it. Don’t you? But what now?

Which data are you going to use to ensure that engagement and conversion KPIs are actually achieved? How do you collect this data on a recurring basis? How do you keep it updated and how do you then personalize across both online and offline channels?

Daniel, who has been working at the intersection of data, marketing, and technology for the past 12 years, will try answering the above questions in this webinar. By taking examples from companies like ALDI, Domino’s Pizza, and Opel, he will explore how to tie data and personalization together for successful engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • How personalization really works
  • How to build your Golden Profile
  • How to translate personalization strategy into action

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