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Top 3 Personalisation Bottlenecks

Duration - 40 minutes
David Mannheim

David Mannheim

Founder and Optimisation Consultant, Made With Intent

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Personalisation is loaded with a beautiful dichotomy where, on the one hand, it has this perpetual hype that doesn’t seem to ever wane. And yet, on the other, doesn’t ever dare wow us into submission.

In this talk, we will discover the enigmatic realm of personalisation along with top bottlenecks that might or already are impacting your personalisation strategy. We will try to look beyond the allure, with ways and methods to break the formidable challenge to captivate and mesmerize users. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the top 3 reasons that have underlying impact on your personalisation strategy
  • Examples of successful personalisation use cases along with how to implement them
  • Future of personalisation and its path for ecommerce

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