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Personalization: The CRO Recipe for Next Generation Websites

Duration - 40 minutes
Miles Hoogwerf

Miles Hoogwerf

Head of CRO, Hype Digital

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The dot-com boom was an epoch in the 20th century for the internet. Conversion Optimization was born in the early 2000s from the need for e-commerce stores to improve their online performance.

The evolution of CRO has been incredible, and the next generation of websites is on the horizon. Personalization is the art of utilizing what you know about your customers to educate them on your product when they’re in a conversion mindset.

CRO is the keystone of your eCommerce or SaaS business, but personalization is the keystone to boosting CRO performance.

Miles Hoogwerf is a conversion scientist, optimization artist & content creator from Cape Town. With years of experience in Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Design, and UX Reviews, Miles has become a thought leader in website performance & optimization.
As the Head of CRO at Hype Digital, Clutch’s top-ranked Optimization Agency in South Africa, Miles ignites conversations that drive engagement around User Experience, Experimentation, and Personalization.

Key takeaways

  • Power of Smart Pages & future of next generation websites
  • Right recipe of CRO tools that drive performance
  • Experiences tailormade for 1000s of searches
  • Exciting evolution of CRO

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