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Testing Big vs. Testing Small – How To Evolve a Product Rapidly Without Sacrificing Learnings.

Duration - 35 minutes
Iqbal Ali

Iqbal Ali

Optimization Specialist Consultant, Mild Frenzy Limited

Shanaz Khan

Shanaz Khan

Brand Marketing

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One of the struggles that experimenters face is balancing the big risk, large-scale changes, against the smaller, incremental tests.

Big changes are sometimes required to evolve products rapidly or just to get a reliable read. But they’re risky and expensive, and there’s a large failure rate associated with them.

To help you sail through this challenge, we are partnering with Iqbal Ali, Optimization Consultant Strategist, to share how you can develop your own strategy while incorporating important learnings and balancing the big and small.

Key Takeaways

  • How to write "useful" hypotheses
  • Different experiment types and how to decide when to use each
  • Framework to minimize risk, while maximizing product evolution

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