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Masterclass – Personalization in Action with VWO

Duration - 40 minutes
Rodolfo Yiu

Rodolfo Yiu

Web Demand Generation, Okta

Bhavya Sahni

Bhavya Sahni

Ex - SaaS Revenue Professional, VWO

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“Personalizing Okta’s website through VWO is way easier than I thought” – Rodolfo Yiu, Web Demand Generation, Okta

B2B Personalization isn’t hard. Even though you are taught to believe it is. We get it — it is not as straightforward as switching a light bulb on or off. Or spreading butter over your piece of crisp morning toast.

Here’s the deal though — it is not the equivalent of building a SpaceX rocket. Just as Rodolfo Yiu, Web Demand Generation, Okta discovered when he signed off an integration between Demandbase & VWO. And now he wants to show the world the ease of it all.

Join Rodolfo and VWO in a master class on how to get started with B2B personalization. In this 40 minute session on 11th September 2019, you will

  1. See personalization in action: There is a ton of literature educating readers on the merits of personalization. We can’t bore you more. Instead, Rodolfo will deliver a personalization outcome for the guests, real-time using VWO. See him personalize Okta’s website around the country of the visitor. In another section of the same webinar, see him personalize the website around the industry of the visitor. It can’t get more practical than this.
  2. Hear personalization myths shatter: “We don’t have the resources”/ “We don’t have the budget”/ “We don’t know if it works”/ “We can’t slip into the complexity of managing a personalization program” — The combined strength of the teams that enabled Rodolfo to personalize Okta’s web property was 4. It took us 15 days to configure the integrations between Demandbase and VWO that made personalization possible. A lot of myths that are propagated around personalization are just that — myths. Hear us shatter some and more.
  3. Fuel Your Own Personalization Program: The hero of this personalization story is an integration between VWO and Demandbase. Watch how you can feed data attributes as inputs from Demandbase and apply VWO’s personalization engine as the thrust towards the final outcome.

Who is this webinar helpful for? All enterprise revenue teams where personalization is a focus area.

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