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Running better A/B tests: How to stop wasting time and money on bad tests

Duration - 60 minutes
Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott

President, EMEA, Mammoth Growth

Jan Marks

Jan Marks

Director, Europe & Latin America, VWO

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We’ve all experienced the pain of an important A/B test losing. It’s a necessary part of learning.

But all too often it’s unnecessary and costly. Could your data have predicted the outcome – or even helped you design a better test?

Using the right data before, during and after your A/B tests can save time and help you find more winners.

Stuart Scott, President EMEA at Mammoth Growth, has helped the product and marketing teams at companies like Deliveroo, Hopin, and Calendly leverage data to accelerate their growth. Join us as we share how you can maximise the impact of your A/B testing program.

Key Takeaways

  • Why product analytics is essential in running effective A/B tests
  • When you should A/B test (and when you shouldn’t!)
  • How to accelerate your learning by using data before, during and after your tests

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