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Leveraging Customer Data Using CDP to Build a Great Personalization Strategy

Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Combine online and offline data for personalization on your website. This can be done by assigning unique web IDs or visitor IDs to users and using first-party cookie values to personalize their experience.
  • Make data actionable by connecting all customer data into a single view. This involves collecting data from all customer touchpoints and analyzing it to create insights and find patterns.
  • Test your personalization strategies through A/B testing and marketing automation. Look for confirmation of the insights you've gathered and ensure the test generates an uplift in return on investment.
  • If a test is successful, scale it up to other relevant segments, channels, and touchpoints. This ensures a consistent customer experience across all channels and can improve sales and return on investment.
  • Remember that personalization requires a full 360-degree view of the customer. This includes knowing the right person, the right moment, and the right channel for each interaction.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by Ajit, featured Joost Kuijlaars, Founder & CEO of The Data Actors, and Bas Cuperus, Marketing Intelligence Consultant at Invenna, who provided comprehensive insights into personalization strategies for businesses. They discussed the importance of combining online and offline data, using parameters like web ID and visitor ID to personalize web pages. Joost emphasized the need for making data actionable through a learning cycle of collecting, analyzing, testing, and scaling. 

He shared a case study of a kitchen equipment e-commerce company, demonstrating how a personalized approach improved their ROI by over 50%. The speakers concluded that personalization is a long-term, cross-departmental process that requires a 360-degree view of customer information.

Webinar Video

Top questions asked by the audience

  • How do we find customer DNA?

    - by Peter
    Bas: Yeah. Of course. First of all, I would say just combine all the sources that are, that have yeah, customer data in them to a central point, so make the customer your focus and then, yeah, and ...model your data around that customer. So when you combine all those sources, that we discussed in the presentation, we've got quite a clear view of, who's the customer, what drives them, etc. Yeah, mostly combine those in, all those sources, to find the relevant information. Okay. Maybe Joost can say something from an organizational perspective, on that. Joost: No. What I can say is that you don't have the customer's DNA all at once. It's also a process where you start gathering insights and improving those insights, as a sole kind of learning process.


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Ajit from VWO:   Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us today on the video webinar. My name is Ajit, and I am your host for the session today. In this session, we have 2 tremendous speakers, Bas Cuperus & Joost Kuijlaars. Both ...