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Foundational Bottlenecks in Creating Experimentation Culture (and How to Overcome Them)

Duration - 40 minutes
Arash Vakil

Arash Vakil

Startup Advisor & Tech Investor, Disrupt With Us

Vipul Bansal

Vipul Bansal

Sr. Marketing Manager, VWO

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Culture is hard to build. Especially when you are trying to do something new mid-way of your business journey. Asking for reform in culture is equivalent to asking to change the mindset that is sure to face a great deal of friction.
There has been a lot of discussion and content around creating a culture of experimentation. But only a few companies have succeeded in this endeavor and have risen above their competitors. So how were they able to do it? What were those foundational bottlenecks that these companies have to solve?
Arash Vakil is a product strategy consultant, startup advisor, and tech investor. Having led organizations as a C-level executive, Arash is well aware of the common reasons why experimentation culture is hard to build. In his presentation, he will share excerpts from his conversations with other C-level execs and factors that lead to a bias. Arash will also talk about the recipe for successfully creating a culture shift within your organization, one that embraces experimentation.

Key Takeaways

  • Common reasons why an experimentation culture is hard to build
  • Role of organizational diversity in creating culture shifts
  • Role of C-level execs in this process

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